Volunteers Needed!

What began as a cramped dorm room overflowing with donated medical supplies and equipment with the essential startup mission to redistribute America’s medical waste excess to those residing in less fortunate areas in 2009 has now expanded in those short four years into a 10,000 square foot warehouse managing to ship 80,000 pounds of medical product worth an estimated $2 million to those in need!

Most of us are familiar with the story of Steve Jobs founding a company hopefully all of us have heard of,  Apple,  from the garage of his parents’ home in what would become the ultimate benchmark startup success story. Every day startups are passionately formed, but the reality is far more fail than succeed in accomplishing their initial dream.

The growth and success of Advocates for World Health is the real deal folks, and could not have been done without the countless volunteers who have donated their time, many of which now make up AWH’s growing staff. We are seeking volunteers always, but now even more than ever as we progress through this period of rapidly exciting expansion. Join a team of sharp, energetic, and passionate people in helping those in need while growing your professional background and skill set.

Please email Melissa at, , for more information on how you can help. We look forward to hearing from you!

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