Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief

When disaster strikes, timing is crucial. Advocates for World Health immediately gets to work to provide disaster relief supplies to communities affected by hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, or drought – just to name a few.

AWH has established partnerships with clinics in vulnerable locations so that we can quickly send aid to save as many lives as possible. We also maintain contact with humanitarian organizations in affected areas not only to provide disaster relief in the short term, but ultimately to reestablish or otherwise build long-term medical stability.

What can I do?

The need for medical supplies during an environmental crisis is as critical as the need for food, water, and clothes. To help AWH receive and redistribute medical supplies during an emergency, we welcome disaster relief volunteers, donors, and sponsors to join our mission to save lives.

Note: Advocates for World Health focuses on distributing medical supplies to communities in need and is not equipped to deliver on-site disaster relief.

We encourage those who want to get involved in helping AWH distribute supplies to communicate with us before a crisis strikes, so we are prepared to act when our services are needed most.

How does AWH respond to a natural disaster?

As soon as news of a disaster hits, AWH reaches out to our partners in the affected area to assess their most critical needs. We then ready truckloads of disaster relief supplies for immediate shipment including EKGs, catheters, syringes, and gloves. We also provide wound-care and sanitation products such as gauze, medical tape, band-aids, dressings, towels, drapes.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our disaster relief efforts.