We accept all types of medical equipment and supplies

The World Health Organization recommends Advocates for World Health as your donation partner. Please select items below that you wish to donate. We handle the shipping so it’s easy.

Medical Products

These products would include catheters, syringes, needles, wound care items, diabetic supplies, and more. Most of these products are donated by businesses and hospitals. Donate medical products today.

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Medical Equipment

These products include capital equipment such as ultrasound machines, anesthesia machines, exam tables, stretchers, hospital beds, and more. Most of these items are donated by hospitals and clinics. Donate medical equipment today.

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CPAPs/Oxygen Concentrators

These products primarily include CPAP and BiPAP machines as well as oxygen concentrators. Most of these products are donated by individuals. Donate CPAP machines today.

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Surgical Supplies

These products primarily include endomechanicals including endoscopic/laparoscopic instruments, machines, and disposables. Most of these donors are hospitals and surgery centers. Donate surgical supplies.

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