Humanitarian Aid

Humanitarian Aid

Advocates for World Health provides doctors and nurses in impoverished communities with the medical equipment and supplies they need to improve the standard of healthcare in their areas.

Advocates for World Health’s inclusive and efficient business practices have signaled a culture change within the medical supply recovery (MSRO) field. Since its inception, AWH has redistributed more than $1.94 million worth of humanitarian aid to domestic and international healthcare providers in order to serve underrepresented communities. That amounts to preventing over 100,000 tons of much-needed medical supplies from entering the waste stream.

How does AWH do it?

Hospitals and clinics in the US donate medical equipment and medical supplies to AWH, which collects and ships medical products around the world for humanitarian aid purposes. We lend our redistribution services to corporations, foreign governments, nonprofit organizations, and individuals who wish to support humanitarian aid projects. These projects range from furnishing empty clinics to renovating entire hospitals.

Our humanitarian aid shipments are designed to turn an empty room into a fully functional department of a working hospital. For example, an exam room should contain an exam table, light, diagnostic equipment, medical supplies, patient scale, patient chair, linens, medication cart, desk, chairs, and a waste container. Thanks to our sponsors and donors, we’re able to not only acquire all of these medical supplies and equipment, but also deliver these critical supplies directly to the hospital.

In order to make a shipment, AWH requires the sponsor or recipient to perform a needs assessment either through AWH or a neutral third party to ensure that the donations we send can be properly used and maintained at the donation location.


If you have any questions about participating in our humanitarian aid efforts or about AWH in general, please feel free to contact us.