Medical Aid

Application for Container Shipments of Medical Supplies & Equipment


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  • General Info

  • Consignee

    This is the organization which appears on official shipping documents as the recipient of the container. In some cases the Consignee is the healthcare institution which will utilize the donated medical supplies. In other cases it is a charitable organization which will receive the container and give the donated medical supplies to a local healthcare institution.
  • Address

    EXACTLY AS IT SHOULD APPEAR ON OFFICIAL SHIPPING DOCUMENTS (street, city, state/province, postal code, etc. DO NOT PROVIDE P.O. BOX.)
  • Legal Status

    What is the legal status of this organization?
  • Is this the healthcare institution which will USE the donated supplies?
  • Notify Party

    This is the person to whom official shipping documents will be mailed via ground courier. This person will use the shipping documents to remove the container from the port.
  • Additional info

  • What is the ocean port where you wish the container to be sent?

  • Advocates for World Health ships the container to the ocean port nearest to the consignee. The consignee is responsible for transporting the container from the port to the hospital(s) where the medical supplies will be used.

    Advocates for World Health requires the consignees to obtain written permission for duty-free import from the appropriate government agency prior to shipment of the container.
  • Do you currently have permission for duty-free import?
  • What laws does your country have regarding importation of donated medical supplies and equipment? (Check all that apply.)