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Donor Relations Associate (Largo, FL or Remote Based)

Job Responsibilities:

  • Respond to donations that come through the website form within 48 hours. Either scheduling a pick up if in the area, responding that you can receive the donation if they can mail it, or in some cases with a valuable donation, we can ship it to our warehouse at our cost.
  • Offer a tax-deductible donation letter to any person or organization that donates product, and prepare it if requested.
  • Steward and build relationships with hospital partners, medical manufacturers and distributors for increased product donations. Examples include, but are not limited to: dropping off information about current projects, calling to check in with the materials manager, taking them to or bringing the staff lunch.
  • Maintain materials to distribute to new and existing partners about AWH mission and accomplishments.
  • On average, dropping by the hospital once every 60-90 days is ideal to bring them updates personally and make sure the relationship remains strong.
  • Reports directly to the CEO

Necessary Skills:

  • Possess excellent written and spoken communication skills.
  • Be productive and goal oriented to provide desired outcomes.
  • Be able to work as part of a team and as an individual.
  • Possess excellent computer skills (Word, Excel, & Powerpoint).
  • Knowledge of social media and search engine optimization is considered a plus.


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