Relief Aid

Relief Aid

Welcome to our relief aid page! This part of our website is dedicated to helping those in need. Here you’ll be able to find information on which developing areas currently have relief aid sponsored by one of our partners, which ones only have AWH partners to provide relief aid but no sponsors yet, and which developing nations/areas are in dire need of relief aid via donations, organizations, and sponsors.

If you’re new to AWH and want to find out more about us, please click here to view a brief video about who we are and what we do.

Humanitarian Aid vs Disaster Relief

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AWH engages in two forms of relief aid: humanitarian aid and disaster relief:

  • Humanitarian Aid: This is the kind of relief aid in which we most regularly engage throughout the year. Our humanitarian aid consists of picking up or otherwise recovering surplus medical products which would otherwise become medical waste. We then sort and redistribute the medical products to those in need, domestically and abroad, in order to not only reduce medical waste but also to help save lives.
  • Disaster Relief: When disasters occur, AWH strives to act quickly with current and new partners to quickly distribute relief aid in the form of donated medical supplies and medical equipment to areas affected by disasters. These include, but aren’t limited to civil wars and civil unrest, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunamis.


Our global vision

Below is a list of the locations domestically and abroad which currently need relief aid in terms of medical supplies and/or medical equipment. We urge readers to strongly consider donating, sponsoring, or getting involved if they feel like they could and would be willing to assist in giving relief aid to any of the areas below. Finally, please contact us if you are in touch with or operate within any area that we might have missed below.

Syria | Turkish Red Crescent – AWH has partnered with the Turkish Red Crescent through SAMS to deliver medical products ongoing through their mobile medical clinics. URGENT! AWH needs the full assistance of financial supporters, product donors, and volunteers to help AWH follow and respond to the Syria crisis.

Haiti | Food for the Poor – AWH has worked with several groups in Haiti, namely Food for the Poor to distribute high volumes of basic medical equipment and supplies to the various small clinics in the country.

Jamaica | Mind, Body, & Soul Ministries, Food for the Poor – AWH has an ongoing relief aid project in Jamaica Mind. Body, & Soul Ministries to outfit Alexandria Hospital. Alexandria is one of the primary providers of healthcare throughout Jamaica.

Guatemala | Food for the Poor – Over the past 2 years, AWH has sent numerous shipments to Guatemala ranging from individual physicians on medical trips and full size hospitals to the tune of St. John’s Baptist Regional. The latest shipment was sent through Food for the Poor’s partnership with Orde de Malta.