Become A Sponsor

Become an Advocate for World Health


First and foremost, thank you for your interest in sponsoring a nonprofit organization. It takes a tremendous passion and special individual to create social change. Together, we can do it.


Who are Advocates for World Health?

Individual Sponsors

Anyone can be a part of our solution to collect and redistribute medical supplies to save lives. Whether you’re thinking about a one-time donation or becoming a sustaining advocate for world health with a monthly donation, we appreciate your support. For larger gifts, we personally work with you to ensure that we can meet your needs. As a donor, and advocate for world heath, you may choose to direct funding to specific projects and areas of interest or we will use the funds to continue collecting, redistributing and saving lives wherever the need arises. We invite individuals who want to help to visit our Individual Giving page.

Corporate Sponsors

Our sponsors are businesses that have an interest in foreign aid and bringing better healthcare to people throughout the world. We work with representatives of your corporate giving program and their partners to ensure that we can meet your needs. Being a corporate partner means you may choose to direct your funding to specific shipments and clinics or work with our staff to identify areas in which you would like your donation to have the most impact. AWH will work with your company to build a partnership that supports your goals. Please continue on to our Corporate Sponsorship page to learn more.

How can I sponsor a specific shipment or Clinic?

If you have a specific area of the world in which you would like to help or even a specific clinic, we will work with you to ensure the funds you donate go to supplying those areas and personal interests. When we ship the medical supplies to the recipient, the donations are made in the name of the donors. Since we love our sponsors, we recognize them for their contributions on our annual report, blog and newsletter!


Why are sponsors important to AWH?

Without generous donors, AWH would not be able to continue its work. These products would end up in the landfill and would not enable clinics and hospitals overseas to save lives. Donors are crucial in helping us cover the cost of our distribution center, the supplies and equipment that drive it and the labor that seeks the volunteers and resources to fuel it.


Still have questions?

Please feel free to contact us if you have any more questions about sponsorship.