We need your help to provide better healthcare to those in need. By getting involved in AWH’s many programs, your support directly provides critical medical supplies to communities in need. Below are some of the ways you can make a difference at Advocates for World Health.

If AWH has not yet reached your location, we also welcome monetary donations from individuals and corporate sponsorship of shipping containers to help us accomplish our mission. All donations are tax deductible.

Volunteer in Central Florida

Everyone has the ability to create a positive change in our world and AWH offers individuals and groups the opportunity to make that difference. We invite volunteers to join us at our Tampa warehouse as we sort, inventory, and pack medical supplies to support healthcare providers around the world. Every hand is a helping hand! To find out how, please click here.

Corporate Volunteer Programs

For local businesses as well as national ones, we have corporate volunteer programs established to fit your needs and desires to give back. Our corporate volunteer programs in Tampa primarily include sorting and inventorying at our distribution center, while our nationwide corporate volunteer programs are much more open ended. While the opportunity to stage a large scale sorting party still exists out of Tampa, we have many other ways of involving your business. To find out more, please contact us at volunteer@awhealth.org.

To volunteer in Tampa at Advocates for World Health headquarters, please visit our volunteer page.

College Volunteer Programs

Our college volunteer programs are entrepreneurial and engaging. To have the greatest impact, you can join your university’s student chapter or, if we are not yet active on your campus, you can start your own. Student chapters serve as representatives of AWH in their area. They are responsible for receiving donations of medical supplies and participating in local outreach programs. Some of our college volunteer programs even organize medical aid trips to educate future medical professionals about healthcare challenges in the developing world.

University Chapters are a crucial way for AWH to engage young leaders in solving critical global issues while reaching more hospitals and clinics around the US.  Our college chapters receive and sort medical donations from local hospitals, conduct outreach programs to welcome their community to join our cause, and hold fundraisers to sponsor shipments of vital medical materials to underserved hospitals.

Join our college volunteer programs today by getting involved in your local chapter or by starting your own! Contact Thomas Sutton for more information at thomas.sutton@awhealth.org