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Medical Supply Donations List

Advocates for World Health gratefully accepts medical supply donations with the following conditions:

  • Donated supplies bearing expiration dates should retain a minimum of 12 months’ validity
  • Disposable materials must be devoid of any previous patient interaction
  • Pharmaceuticals are not accepted
  • Intravenous fluids and feeding supplements are also not accepted

Acceptable donation items include a variety of common medical supplies. Below is a sample medical supply list, but this list is not all-inclusive.

Acceptable Medical Supplies

  • Anesthesia: Masks, breathing circuits, LMA’s (laryngeal mask airways), hyperinflation bags, and epidural kits.
  • Medical Books: Only medical textbooks, journals, and teaching aids are accepted.
  • Casting Materials: Undercast padding, plaster wrap, and casting tape.
  • Drainage/Irrigation: Irrigation trays, suction catheters, yankauers, and wound evacuators.
  • Drapes: Surgical, exam, single, and drape packs.
  • Dressings: Gauze pads/rolls, elastic bandages, wound dressings, dressing kits, and medical tape.
  • Electrodes: Accepted electrodes include EKG/ECG, ESU (electrosurgical unit), EMS (emergency medical services), defibrillation, needles, and blades.
  • Endo/Laparoscopic: Staplers, trocars, obturators, graspers, and dissectors fall under this category.
  • Feeding: Accepted items are nasogastric tubes, enteral administration sets, and gravity bags (no solution).
  • Gloves: Both surgical and exam gloves are acceptable.
  • Gowns: Surgical gowns and patient gowns are considered acceptable.
  • Infant: Accepted items for infants include bottles, newborn caps, diapers, and birthing blankets.
  • IV: Accepted items in this category are administration sets, IV catheters, winged infusion sets, epidural supplies, and extension sets.
  • Lab: Accepted lab items include specimen collection tools, vacutainers, test tubes/bottles, pipettes, and culture media.
  • Medical Apparel: Scrubs, masks, caps, shoe covers, and aprons fall under this category.
  • Mobility Aids: Accepted mobility aids include wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, and canes.
  • Monitoring: Leads, temperature probes, blood pressure cuffs, and pulse ox/O2 sensors are considered acceptable.
  • Needles/Syringes: All types and varieties of needles and syringes are accepted, and sharps disposal containers are provided.
  • Nursing Aids: Accepted nursing aids include dressing aids, underpads, restraints, anti-embolism stockings, and diapers.
  • OB/GYN: Accepted items in this category are umbilical catheters, speculums, maternity briefs/pads, and umbilical clamps.
  • Operating Room: This category includes surgical packs, table covers, surgical instruments, and towels.
  • Orthopedic: Accepted orthopedic items include post-op boots/shoes, braces, slings, undercast padding, and splints.
  • Ostomy: Accepted ostomy items include pouches/bags, barriers, and stoma powder/deodorizer.
  • Personal Hygiene: Accepted personal hygiene items include unused body wash/shampoo, toothpaste, combs/brushes, and washcloths.
  • Respiratory: Accepted respiratory items include nasopharyngeal tools, ambu bags/resuscitators, nasal cannulas, and endo/trach/bronchial tubes.
  • Skin Prep: Accepted skin prep items include alcohol pads, iodine applicators, soap, scrub brushes, and lubricating jelly.
  • Sutures: All types and varieties of sutures and wound closure devices are accepted.
  • Urinary: Accepted urinary items include catheters, catheter trays, drainage bags, skin prep items, and specimen containers.

To make a donation of any of these listed medical supplies, or to ask a question regarding a possible donation, please visit the Medical Supply Donations page or fill out the contact form below.

Donation Form

Have Surgical Supplies? Donate them.

Answers to FAQs

Who can donate medical supplies?

We primarily work with hospitals, surgery centers, manufacturers, and clinics. Individuals are welcome too.

What donations do you accept?

Advocates for World Health strives to reuse as many donations as possible. We welcome donations of all types of medical supplies at this time.

Here is a sample list of medical supplies: Bandages, gauze pads, adhesive tape, syringes, needles, IV catheters, IV solutions, antiseptics, alcohol swabs, sterile gloves, surgical masks, surgical gowns, surgical drapes, surgical sponges, surgical tapes, wound dressings, ostomy supplies, urinary catheters, incontinence products, respiratory equipment, oxygen masks, nasal cannulas, nebulizers, inhalers, blood pressure monitors, thermometers, stethoscopes, pulse oximeters, glucometers, blood glucose test strips, EKG electrodes, cardiac monitors, defibrillators, electrodes, ultrasound gel, X-ray film, CT scan contrast agents, MRI contrast agents, wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, canes, mobility scooters, hospital beds, bedpans, bedside commodes, urinals, personal protective equipment (PPE), disposable gloves, face shields, protective eyewear, isolation gowns, sharps containers, suction devices, airway management supplies, surgical instruments, scissors, forceps, retractors, surgical blades, bone saws, hemostats, trocars, suturing materials, splints, casts, orthopedic braces, wound irrigation solutions, dermatology supplies, dental supplies, oral hygiene products, orthodontic supplies, pediatric supplies, neonatal supplies, feeding tubes, nasogastric tubes, ostomy bags, colostomy supplies, intravenous (IV) pumps, infusion sets, dialysis machines, hemodialysis supplies, ostomy care accessories, gastrointestinal (GI) supplies, gastrostomy tubes, enteral nutrition supplies, ostomy pastes and powders, urological supplies, intermittent catheters, male external catheters, ostomy deodorants and cleansers, ostomy barrier rings and strips, ostomy adhesive removers, pressure relief cushions, diabetic supplies, insulin syringes, insulin pens, insulin pump supplies, lancets, and diabetic test strips.

How do I donate medical supplies?

Please fill out the form on this page and a Donor Relations associate will be in touch with you as soon as possible. Our response times are usually less than 24 hrs.

I also want to donate medical equipment. Can I include them in the same donation?

Absolutely. Please include those details in the form on this page and notify the Donors Relations associate as well.


Please email us at or call us at (813) 889-0290.

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