Who is Advocates for World Health?

Advocates for World Health (AWH) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that collects usable medical equipment and supplies as donations from hospitals, clinics, and private donors, and redistributes to recipients worldwide. In the past 7 years, AWH has shipped over 200 containers to over 30 countries. AWH is now introducing a new domestic effort for our unrestricted product donations as part of a project similar to and We work to lower the cost of healthcare for domestic hospitals, clinics, surgery centers, nursing homes and more. On average, AWH’s requested donation fee associated with an item is approximately 5% of its Fair Market Value. We maintain a large inventory of equipment and supplies that we are able to send to your facility immediately. All items offered meet our quality control guidelines, and meet all World Health Organization guidelines as well.

What guidelines does AWH follow to ensure quality medical equipment is collected and redistributed?

AWH makes every possible effort to reallocate viable medical supplies to hospitals that need it most. This includes purchasing excess inventory of unused medical equipment that is not financially advantageous to donate to AWH.  We purchase devices that our partners abroad need on an equipment-specific basis and cover the cost of domestically trucking valuable medical equipment to the AWH warehouse. 

How It Works

Do I have to order a 40-foot or 20-foot container size?

We do not have set shipment sizes. We are able to work with recipients on any size shipment they need. More importantly, we need to know which items our recipients need. From there, we can begin assembling a shipment for you. All shipping costs are the responsibility of the recipient. In addition, Advocates for World Health does ask for a monetary donation, but it is on a sliding scale basis according to what each recipient can afford. Feel free to submit an offer on any of our inventory.Where do these medical items come from?

We work to collect usable medical equipment and supplies as donations from hospitals, clinics, medical device companies and private donors. We offer medical items at a fraction of the retail price in order to make them available to impoverished and distressed communities around the world.

How do I order products that I need?

Let us know if there are any items in the catalog that you would like to receive, or if there are any contacts you may know of that may need these materials! When viewing the catalog, please note that items in the same product page are all part of the same item. Currently, we prefer that you request these items as part of an entire item, but we are capable of breaking apart the pallets to meet your needs. Feel free to e-mail us your request!

What types of products can I order?

This program is intended to supplement shipments with finished boxes and pallets of items ranging from Respiratory, Catheters, Syringes, Needles, Gloves, Dietary Supplies, and more.

How do hospitals benefit from donating surplus medical supplies?

Hospitals who donate their excess medical supplies to AWH save a large amount of money through tax incentives, reduced waste-transportation fees, and waste-incineration costs. Green initiatives also improve hospital’s public relations.


What criteria does AWH require for medical donations?

All donations are preferred to be unused, functional, and be received at least 6 months before the expiration date. We accept materials with cosmetic damage on the packaging. 

Do you offer a warranty for donated equipment?

We provide a 30 day warranty and money back minus shipping should there be any problems.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, AWH is a 501(c)(3) organization and donations fall under the ‘charitable donation’ category on your tax forms.